About us

Our company was founded in 1981 and since then we provide superior quality home furniture and mattresses to all our customers. Our expanded, stylish and fully functional exhibition space of 500m2 is operating since 1986, and is always following the most up-to-date decor trends.

Since 1999, we are the exclusive representative of Eliton Kitchen Furniture and Bedroom Wardrobes in Syros, and so far we have achieved to offer you high quality service and exceptional expertise in kitchen furnishing.

We invite you to visit our renovated furniture exhibition, see the best furnishing products of Greek marketplace and choose those that suit your home. Discover all our brands and exclusive partners, and of course do not hesitate to request a special order or ask our trained decorator to design your furniture layout.

In “Rombos Home Furniture” you will find whatever you need in order to make your home, your dreamy place.