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Who told that your home is not a projection of your inner self?
Whether you are a newbie in decorating your house, or there is time for a renovation to your existing space, in our store you will find all the furnishing equipment you might need.

Have a look in our pages, and see our selections for your living room, your dining room, your bedroom, your children’s bedroom, your home office, as well as your outdoor furniture. And of course, don’t forget to take a closer look to our wide mattress catalogue, for a perfect night sleep, in your already perfect home.


In “Rombos Home Furniture” our aim is to offer you a complete and unique experience when buying your furniture.

That’s why we offer you a bunch of services that will help you with the whole procedure and your choices as well.

We start with measuring your space, we design the kitchen and the children’s bedroom in two and three dimensions, we handle the transportation and assembly of your furniture and our specialized partner will also make the final arrangement of your kitchen.

Does all this work that has to be done in your area, gives you a headache? It’s not a problem anymore, you can trust us to coordinate all the work, and you won’t regret it!


In “Rombos Home Furniture” we know the importance of a high quality anatomical mattress that fulfills our needs for a light and restful sleep.

That’s why we are the exclusive partner of the top mattress company Linea Strom in Syros, and we can guarantee the exceptional quality of our products.